Lower South

July, 2012
Regional Report

Fertilize Outdoor Foliage Plants

Foliage plants growing outdoors will benefit from a little added nutrition and regular watering to keep them growing well through the hot days of summer. Sprinkle a cup of turf type fertilizer per 25 square feet of soil area and then water it in well after fertilizing to move the nutrients down into the root zone.

Water Container Grown Citrus

Citrus growing in a container is more prone to drying out because of the hot weather and a confined root system. Water as needed to keep the soil evenly moist. This may mean daily watering in many cases. If the plant has grown too large for the container, moving it to a larger container will provide more soil volume to hold water for the roots to access.

Smother Weeds

Garden areas to be planted in fall can be kept weed free by covering the soil with a thick blanket of spent hay or leaves, or with 6-8 sheets of newspaper overlapped to block out all light from reaching the soil and then covered with leaves.

Plant Palm Trees

Summer is a great time to plant palm trees. Palms can add a nice touch to an outdoor pool or patio area and there are several cold hard selections available for the lower south. Consult a good book or online reference for proper planting techniques and post planting care.

Keep Winter Squash Healthy

Winter squashes, including pumpkins, take a long time to mature their fruit. Keep the plants vigorous by fertilizing them and watering as needed to maintain good vigor. Watch for foliage diseases such as powdery mildew and spray if needed to protect the leaves which are needed to produce the carbohydrates that build the squash and pumpkin fruits.

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