Northern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

May, 2012
Regional Report

Warm Water Please!

Use tepid water to irrigate indoor plants. Most hail from the tropics and cold water puts them into a state of shock.

Deep Water Trees and Shrubs

Permanent landscape plants will benefit from a monthly deep application of water during the dry season. Use a deep watering tool or a soaker hose and apply water directly around the drip line. Check with a long, sharp stick to see how deeply the water has penetrated. The stick will push easily through damp soil.

Recycle Plastic Picnic Knives

Plastic knives make great plant labels. They are durable and can be written on with a Sharpie to indicate variety and planting date. The indelible ink will last through the season.

Test Corn for Ripeness

To test corn for ripeness pull back the silk and poke a fingernail into a plump kernel. If it exudes a milky white liquid the corn is ripe and ready to pick. Consume harvested corn within a day or two of picking for ideal sweetness and flavor.

Train Rose Canes

Provide horizontal support for climbing roses such as a fence or trellis. When long canes are trained to grow horizontally they produce more flowering branches along the length. Tie supports loosely with recycled nylon stockings to prevent injury to the main canes.

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