Western Mountains and High Plains

May, 2012
Regional Report

Slay Slugs

Slugs are on the move. A safe solution is to bury an empty tuna can with its upper edge at ground level. Fill the can with yeast and sugar dissolved in water. Slugs will be attracted and drown. Empty the can and refill and reset to capture more slugs.

Harvest Herbs

As herbs are ready for use you can dry of freeze some before they bloom. Cut them early in the day with a sharp pruning shears or scissors. Gently wash herbs and pat them dry. Hang in small clusters stems upside down. Place a paper bag over drying leaves to catch falling leaves and keeps the dust off.

Enjoy Cut Peonies

Blooming peonies make nice cut flowers. Pick early in the morning and place stems in lukewarm water. Place in a cool room and enjoy the colorful and fragrant blossoms.

Water Lawns Deeply

Water lawns deep to promote deep roots and develop drought tolerance. The best time to water lawns is early morning. Water long enough to apply one-half inch of water per application. The goal is to apply 1- 3/4 inches of water per week. Of course, decrease watering if the weather is wet.

Train Mums by Pinching

Pinch or prune back mums and asters when the stalks are about eight inches tall. This will encourage bushier plants. Repeat this pinching process each time they reach that height until around mid-July.

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