Pacific Northwest

May, 2012
Regional Report

Deadhead Rhododendrons

Deadheading rhododendrons after they have finished blooming will increase the flower production for next year. Be careful, though. The brand new leaves emerge alongside the spent blossom, so it's easy to also accidentally pinch off the new little leaves in the process.

Look For Garden Center Bargains

Check your local garden centers for clearance sales on plants and gardening supplies. Don't purchase sickly looking plants, but do grab up those that look healthy and vigorous.

Pinch Back Hardy Mums

For more compact and bushy chrysanthemums, pinch out the growing tips every three weeks beginning now and ending in early August. Pinching will promote more branching and lots of flowers.

Tip-Prune Evergreens

If you'd like to keep your pines and spruces compact, pinch the candles back by one-half to three-fourths. This will control the upward and outward growth without damaging the over-all appearance of the trees.

Plant Lots of Different Perennials

If you choose perennials that bloom at different times and plant them in various parts of the garden, you have a good chance of having something in bloom all season long. You can purchase transplants or sow perennial seeds directly into the garden during the months of June, July, and August.

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