May, 2012
Regional Report

Plant Beans in Warm Soil

Plant green and yellow beans in a sunny location when soil is 60 degrees F or warmer. Space seeds according to seed packet directions. Water well till germination.

Put Tomato Cages in Place When Planting

Tomato plants, peppers, and eggplants need support. Place strong cages or ladders around the new transplants when you plant them. Structures may be metal, bamboo, wood, or a combination. Choose the best quality products and materials that will withstand the weight of branches loaded with bounty.

Stake Lilies and Tall Perennials

So many types, heights, and colors of stakes and plant supports! How tall with your plants be at maturity or when they flower? That gives you the stake height. The plant form determines type -- single stakes, curved linking stakes, support rings, spiral stem supports. Each lily may do best with its own individual stem ladder. A stand of lush garden phlox may best be surrounded by several curved linking stakes.

Clip Monarda and Garden Phlox

For a longer show of flowers, prune clusters of perennial bee balm and garden phlox to three different heights. The tallest in the back will flower soon. Medium-tall stems in the middle will get bushy and flower later. The shortest stems in the front will bloom after the tallest flowers are spent.

Build Veggie Teepees and Install Trellises

Install upright structures such as teepees, trellises, ladders before planting seeds for climbing veggies such as pole beans, cucumbers, vining squashes, and gourds. Stabilize the structure so it doesn't blow over in a storm. Plant seeds in soil at the base as directed on the seed packet.

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