Northern & Central Midwest

April, 2012
Regional Report

Vacuum Indoor Pests

If cluster flies, boxelder bugs, and Asian lady beetles start appearing in your home, don't despair. They are harmless and simply coming out of their winter hiding places. Most important, they are not producing young. The best measure is to simply vacuum them up and empty the vacuum bag outdoors.

Celebrate Arbor Day

Arbor Day is traditionally the last Friday in April, but you can celebrate it any time. Plant a tree for a loved one or to beautify your city's landscape. Go to the Arbor Day Foundation website to find plenty of information about how trees enhance all our lives.

Grow Your Vegetables Up

Not enough room? Grow your vegetables up this year. Many vegetables naturally lend themselves to trellis-growing, but some that do not can also be growing this way. Melons and watermelons can grow on a trellis if the fruits are supported in slings. Indeterminate tomatoes do beautifully on a trellis when tied.

Core Aerate Your Lawn

When soil is bad under a lawn, there are ways to fix the problem without tearing up the entire lawn. Although core aerating is usually done in fall, it can also be done in spring and will help repair areas where the grass is doing poorly. Once the aeration is done, top dress lightly with compost and seed bare areas.

Plant Easter Lily Outside

Plant your Easter lily outdoors in a well-drained site with lots of sun. As the top begins to die back, cut back the stems to the soil surface and mulch well. New growth will appear and you may get a second period of bloom, but most likely you will have to wait until July of the next year before you see flowers again.

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