Lower South

April, 2012
Regional Report

Thin Fruit on Trees

Fruit trees tend to set more fruit than the tree can support and grow into nice sized, quality fruit at harvest time. Remove all but one apple or pear per cluster. Leave peaches 6 inches apart and plums 4 inches apart. This will insure the tree is able to not only carry the load but provide tasty results at harvest time.

Control Nutsedge Now

Nutsedge is a population explosion waiting to happen. The individual underground nuts that sprouted this spring are sending out side runners that will soon produce viable nuts themselves. This is a critical time to dig and remove the plants making sure to get the nuts too. A delayed response will mean a much larger job in the months to come.

Set Out Pepper Transplants

Now that the danger of frost is passing it is time to set out pepper transplants. Temperatures are warming up and the soil is also getting warmer, which will provide the pepper plants the conditions they need for rapid growth. Water plants in with a dilute fertilizer solution and repeat the fertilizing weekly for a few weeks.

Fertilize Young Trees

Trees that were planted since this past fall are rapidly expanding their root systems into the surrounding soil. They can now benefit from some added nutrients. Choose a turf-type fertilizer (higher in nitrogen than other nutrients). Sprinkle one pound of per inch of trunk diameter throughout a large circular area at least as wide as the branch spread. Then rake the nutrients into the soil surface and water the area well.

Thin Crowded Vegetable Seedlings

When vegetables crowded the competition between plants can reduce productivity. This is especially true of root crops like carrots, beets, and radishes. When the plants are just getting started, thin out the extra plants to leave the remaining ones at least 2 inches apart for carrots and at least 3 inches for beets. Follow planting guidelines for the many other garden vegetables to insure plants are at an adequate spacing.

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