Lower South

January, 2012
Regional Report

Plant Bare Root Fruit Trees, Vines and Bushes

Bare root fruit plants are generally less expensive than container grown plants. For best chances of success, plant bare root fruit trees, vines, and bushes in mid to later winter. Dig the hole only as deep as the roots. Firm the soil in and add water as you fill the hole to settle soil around the roots.

Plant Cool Season Greens

Make new plantings of cool season greens such as spinach, lettuce, arugula, and mache to keep the harvest coming in the months ahead. Although these plants are fairly cold hardy, be prepared to cover the young plants when a freeze threatens.

Plant Cool Season Color

Pansies, violas, stock, snapdragons, ornamental kale and cabbage, and dusty miller are among the cool season ornamental plants that can be planted now to add color up until the hot weather arrives. Water transplants in with a soluble fertilizer solution and be prepared to provide a little protection if a hard freeze is forecast.

Maintain Even Moisture on Houseplants

Winter is a challenging time for our indoor plants. Low light levels, short days, cold areas around windows or near a door, and warm drafts from heating systems all can affect a plant's water use. Dig down an inch or two to feel the growing medium and water when it is no longer moist to the touch. Soggy wet growing media can be deadly for houseplants but so can a lack of adequate moisture.

Start Warm Season Flowers

Start seeds of warm season flowers in transplant trays during the weeks to come so that you'll have seedlings ready to go out in the landscape when the danger of frost is past. Provide new seedlings with as much light as you can to encourage strong, stocky growth.

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