Northern & Central Midwest

January, 2012
Regional Report

Save Repotting for March

Don't be tempted to repot houseplants this time of year. They are basically sleeping and will not appreciate being disturbed. Plan on repotting in March or April just before they put on a burst of spring growth. Also, don't fertilize until April 1 for the same reason (except plants that are blooming now).

Attend a Seminar

Winter is a great time to attend garden seminars. There are hundreds offered all over the country on all aspects of vegetable and flower gardening, landscape care, aquaponics and pest management. Check with your local Extension office or look on the NGA Event Calendar to find the programs being offered in your area.

Clean out Old Seeds

Clean out your seeds. Go through seeds from last year and make determinations as to what you should keep and what should go. Remember that seeds from last year may not germinate as well, so if you keep them, make sure you have enough. Toss discarded seeds out for the birds.

Sharpen Garden Tools

This is a great time to bring in your garden tools for cleaning and sharpening. Set up a workstation with newspaper, mineral oil or olive oil, fine steel wool, and sharpening files or honing stones. Clean off all rust, sharpen and coat with oil. You'll love yourself in spring.

Have a Seed Ordering Party

Gather your gardening friends for an evening of good food and plenty of seed catalogs. Putting together an order together reduces the amount of seeds you need to order, not to mention reducing the shipping costs. And it's a lot of fun to begin thinking about the summer now.

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