Western Mountains and High Plains

January, 2012
Regional Report

Check for Winter Watering

It has been a dry winter, and moisture is evaporating from the soil. Check south, west and sloped areas for the need to water. Pick a warm day when temperatures are in the 50s and pull out the hose. Give your evergreens, perennials, bulb beds, rose bushes, shrubs, and trees a good drink. Then drain the hoses and return them to storage.

Get Ready for Seeding

It will soon be time to start perennials from seed indoors. Gather your supplies and make sure they are clean. Disinfect plastic seed trays, and pots with ten percent chlorine bleach solution. Rinse and allow to air dry. If last year's seedlings got too lanky due to insufficient light, invest in some supplemental lighting fixtures.

Order Seeds Early

If you want to be sure you get new varieties of flowers, herbs, and vegetables, be sure to place seed orders early. Seed companies fill orders on a first-come, first serve basis. Ordering early will avoid substitutions and disappointment.

Take Houseplant Cuttings

Houseplants growing in sunny windows may be outgrowing their boundaries. As the days get longer, it is a good time to take cuttings. Root them in a pasteurized seed-starting mix. Cover the cuttings with a plastic bag supported with wooden dowels.

Start Bring In Potted Bulbs

When last fall's potted bulbs start to push buds, bring some of the pots indoors. Keep the pots of growing bulbs in a cool, but bright location. In a few weeks, the colors of spring will unfold for an early taste of spring indoors.

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