Lower South

December, 2011
Regional Report

Purchase Seeds and Seed Starting Supplies

It will soon be time to start transplants of our warm season vegetables and flowers. Now is a good time to purchase seeds and seed starting supplies such as growing media, seeding flats, and heating mats. Special trays with clear plastic covers provide a moist seed germinating environment.

Sharpen Pruning Tools

Pruning season is just around the corner. Sharpen your hand pruners and loppers now to get ready for winter pruning. Sharp tools make cleaner cuts that heal better, and also make for easier pruning work! There is helpful information in gardening books and online to guide you as to how to best sharpen your pruning tools.

Plant Tulips and Hyacinths

Bulbs that have been in cold storage including tulips and hyacinths can be planted outdoors now to give them time to root and send up blooms prior to the arrival of warmer temperatures. If you wait too long to plant the bloom season is shorter due to the warmer late winter conditions.

Stock Bird Feeders

Restock bird feeders to provide nourishment for songbirds and to attract them into view. There are a variety of feeders and seed mixtures to attract various bird species. Try several different types for an interesting array of feathered visitors outside your window.

Remove Fallen Leaves from Turf

Leaves that fall onto the lawn shade the turf during the winter season, weakening the turfgrass over time. Rake up the leaves periodically to allow sunlight to reach the turf. During mild winter days our warm season turfgrasses are able to capture sunlight and strengthen their carbohydrate reserves prior to the arrival of spring, when the trees leaf out and shade the the grass growing beneath their canopies.

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