In the Garden:
Middle South
May, 2003
Regional Report

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Neat, elegant, and perpetually in bloom, heat tolerant Wave petunias make ideal plants for pots stationed near entryways.

The Case for Containers

At your house, which window do you look out of most? Which door are you most likely to use? Where is the place you sit to watch the grass grow? If you can answer these three questions, you know exactly where to put containers filled with colorful flowers. Because containers are so portable, they are the best ways to enhance the views you see most often.

Kitchen Window Magic
At my house, the kitchen window is the hands-down winner to question one. Last summer, I watched butterflies and hummingbirds visit a big pot of pink geraniums each time I washed dishes. The spot gets about a half day of sun in summer, so this year I plan to go with a trailing verbena, such as 'Red Aztec'. Once those hummers get a look at those red verbenas, they’re sure to stick around.

Elegant Entries
Even if yours is a "back door" house, you can use a portly pot of flowers to dress the entryway so that it always feels welcoming. I like a pot planted with one type of flower for this job, particularly low-maintenance 'Wave' petunias or perky pink begonias. Neatness counts in containers stationed near entryways, so it's a top spot for flowers that look good day after day with a minimum of care.

Smell the Flowers
Just sitting is one of my favorite garden activities, and my sitting sweet spot is my deck. To make the place irresistible, I indulge in fragrant flowers planted in pots that can be raised to nose level where their perfumes can’t be missed. Some of the best fragrant annuals for containers include nicotiana, heliotrope, and a delicate little darling called 'Aromatica' nemesia. Sweet alyssum makes a frothy filler for large pots planted with a bouquet of fragrant flowers, and fragrant herbs, such as basil or mint, are welcome additions as well.

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