In the Garden:
Lower South
December, 2012
Regional Report

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A seed packet of tithonia or Mexican sunflower is a great choice to include in a butterfly garden-themed gift.

Gift Ideas for New Gardeners

There has been a resurgence of interest in gardening in the past few years. People are becoming more aware of the connection between diet and health, which has made growing your own food especially popular. Gardening also offers a relaxing respite in the midst of our busy lives. Children find the wonders of gardening quite appealing and are especially proud of having grown something themselves.

Give the Gift of Gardening
Gardening offers many great gifting opportunities. Whether the recipient is old or young, a novice or a long time gardener, there are many great gift ideas that will definitely be appreciated. Here are a few ideas to get you off to a good start.

  • Seed Starter Kit Purchase a seed starter tray with a clear lid for starting transplants. Most come with expandable planting discs that swell into seed starting plugs, or you can include a bag of seed starting medium. Include some seed packets, plant labels, and a when-to-plant chart, which can usually be obtained free from your local Cooperative Extension office or their online web page.

  • Windowsill Garden Kit Give some small pots for either starting or growing herbs and other plants. Include a long tray to hold the pots and catch any water that comes out of them. I like the look of small terra cotta pots or small galvanized containers.

  • Gardening Starter Basket Put together some seeds, labels, row markers, gloves, hand tools, and a simple how-to book on gardening written for your area of the country. Include some free planting guides from your local Cooperative Extension office. You can use a basket to hold all these items or a large planting container!

  • Share Your Garden Divide some perennials, dig a few bulbs that have multiplied, root a cutting from a special plant such as an antique rose in your landscape, or save some seeds from naturalizing flowers you grow. Package them all up for a special gift of sharing your garden with a friend. If any items have a special history or significance, include that on a blank card attached to the plant.

  • Give a Theme Garden Bundle some herbs with an herb book or a group of terra cotta pots. Gather plants or seeds for a butterfly garden and include a book on butterfly gardening. Select a book on heirloom vegetables, tomatoes, peppers or cut flowers and include seed packets for that type of plant.

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