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Northern California Coastal & Inland Valleys
December, 2012
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Build a wreath from fragrant herbs from your garden to give as a give or to add a festive touch to your home.

A Gift from Your Garden

The holidays are a time for sharing with friends and family. What better way to give of yourself than to share a little bit of love from your garden? A wreath made of herbs will not only decorate the house, it will also nourish the body. Simply attach a small pair of scissors with a ribbon to the completed wreath so that the recipient can snip and clip herbs as needed when cooking. The fresh herbs will dry nicely on the frame and be easily available when needed to flavor soups or stews.

  • You will need a few tools to get started on this simple project.
    • A wreath frame, which can be found at local craft stores. You can also make your own by bending a wire coat hanger.
    • Paddle wire, also available at craft stores. Paddle wire comes in various sizes. I like #24 because it's flexible yet sturdy.
    • Pruning shears
  • Select and cut 6-8 inch stems of herbs. These might include rosemary, bay, oregano, lavender, sage, small chilies on the stem or whatever else you have on hand. Depending on the size of your wreath frame, a shopping bag full of herb cuttings should suffice.

  • Wash the herb cuttings thoroughly in water and then allow to air dry. You don't want to bring any insects indoors.

  • Attach the paddle wire to the wreath frame.

  • Gather a small bundle of cuttings into your hand, and then lay the bundle onto the frame so that the cut ends are all facing the same direction. Build the wreath by overlapping small bundles of herbs onto the frame, then wrapping the wire around both the frame and the foliage. Wrap the wire so that it goes under a few of the branches but is still secure. This gives the wreath a lush, full appearance.

  • Continue layering on bundles of greens and wrapping with the paddle wire until you come close to the end. At that point, gently lift the first bunch of cuttings and then tuck the last bundle underneath. Wire the last bundle so that the finishing steps are invisible. If it looks a little rough, you can always cover this section with a bow.

  • Finish the wreath by fashioning a loop with the end of the wire, which will be used for hanging your finished herb wreath.

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