March, 2003
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National Garden Month in April 2003
April is National Garden Month, with the theme: "Celebrate the Power of Gardening!" There are at least 101 ways to celebrate the newly proclaimed National Garden. The Web site (http://www.nationalgardenmonth.org/)will help you brainstorm your own way of making the month special as well as connect with other celebrants. Add to the calendar of events or find one to attend, share your stories of the celebration, and bone up on your gardening. Get tips on how to bring some kids into the picture, or find out where to shop for plants and gardening supplies. Get ready because National Gardening Month is about to burst into bloom!

Web Finds

5 A Day The Color Way
Find out all about "5 A Day The Color Way" so you can put a rainbow of fruits and vegetables on your plate. This site is slick and inviting and the color saturation makes it gorgeous to look at -- I nearly drooled. But seriously, think about "colorization" when you plan your garden this year. Maybe you can try some new foods and brighten up your plate, or maybe that should be palate or would that be palette?

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