Inland Northwest, High Desert

April, 2001
Regional Report

Local Buzz

Hydrogen Peroxide Insecticide
Hydrogen peroxide, the same stuff you put on your cuts, is being touted as a natural insecticide. The household 3 percent version mixed one to one with water kills aphids and whiteflies on contact and may have a residual effect as well. When misted on houseplants in the same dilution, hydrogen peroxide seems to promote sprouting and deeper green leaves.

But be cautious. All plants may not react positively to hydrogen peroxide. You should always try a test spray on a few leaves and wait a day or so to see the reaction.

Web Finds

All-America Roses
Check out this site for the 2001 All-America Rose Selection(AARS) winners. Click on links for winners from previous years, too. There's information on top roses, growing tips, rose history, and links to other rose sites. (For more about the AARS winners and other new roses, see the National Gardening article, "Roses: The Class of 2001.")

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