Lower South

April, 2003
Regional Report

Web Finds

Landscape Plants for Wet Sites
Here in the south, when it rains it pours. That great gardening spot can become a swamp or bog for weeks on end. And what does nearly every plant description say? "Provide good drainage!" If you need plants for poorly drained areas, check out Qualifiers for Quagmires, a Web site from the North tolerant of wet sites.

Favorite or New Plant

Narrow-leaf Zinnia
Few annual plants provide dependable summer color like narrow-leaf zinnia (Zinnia angustifolia). This heat-tolerant cousin of the standard garden zinnia is virtually pest and disease free, and produces a profusion of 1-inch blooms in orange, white, yellow, or gold. They make excellent color border plants in a sunny or partially sunny location, and are equally suited to a mixed container planting with their nonstop blooms cascading over the sides of the planter. Mass them for an 8- to 12-inch-tall annual groundcover that will steal the show all summer.

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