Lower South

December, 2001
Regional Report

Web Finds

Great Composting Resources
The Composting Resource Page is a must stop for gardeners wanting to learn more about composting their kitchen and landscape wastes. It links to a multitude of composting resources including information on vermicomposting (composting with worms). Check it out for the real dirt on turning trash to treasure.

Composting for Kids -- A great site (by yours truly!) for teaching kids to build soil by several different composting techniques. Although it was designed for kids to learn composting, it is a useful tool for us adults too. Check it out!

Favorite or New Plant

Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)
Winter weather often drives us indoors where our attention shifts to our houseplants. One of my favorite houseplants is the Chinese evergreen, properly called Aglaonema. This native of the rainforests of Southeast Asia is among the tougher, more resilient houseplants. It tolerates our low light interior environment better than most plants, surviving on half the light a Dieffenbachia requires. It can also take the low humidity common on our homes in winter. Consider adding a Chinese evergreen to provide the lush tropical look to a room in your home this winter.

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