Middle South

May, 2003
Regional Report

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Pots from Recycled Plastic
What kind of plant containers are best? In our region, you can't go wrong with plastic, which withstands winter cold and summer heat. Best of all, plants in lightweight plastic pots don't need watering as often as do plants grown in pots made of more porous materials. When shopping for plastic pots, look for those that include at least some recycled plastic. They're getting easier to find! Other great garden items that contain recycled materials include compost bins, decking or plastic lumber for framing raised beds, and porous drip hoses, which are made from recycled tires.

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Edible Plants in Pots
All the plants you grow in containers need not be flowers. Vegetables and herbs are fine candidates for containers, too, though it pays to choose appropriate varieties. Varieties, required pot sizes, and other details are included in Alabama Extension's Container Gardening Web page, written by the grande dame of Alabama home gardening, Mary Beth Musgrove.

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