Middle South

April, 2003
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

A test tropical perennial from Brazil, angelonia (Angelonia angustifolia), also called summer snapdragon or angel flower, is now widely available as a vegetatively propagated annual. The plants cost a little more because they are grown from rooted cuttings rather than seeds, but they are worth it. I've grown this beauty in beds and containers, and it asks for little beyond regular water and occasional feeding to stay in bloom for months rather than weeks. The longest stems make great cut flowers, too. New strains such as 'AngelMist', available in pink, purple, or a breathtaking purple and white bicolor, are resistant to cucumber mosaic virus, so they are even more vigorous than earlier strains.

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Making A Bed
The greatest annuals in the world won't prosper unless they have suitable soil. If you're gardening in unimproved clay, check out the soil preparation recommendations for annual flowers from North Carolina State horticulture experts.

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