Middle South

March, 2003
Regional Report

Web Finds

Bamboo Bible
Thinking about adding bamboo to your landscape? The basics are beautifully covered in Growing Bamboo created by the Georgia Extension Service. This comprehensive page includes lists of recommended cultivars (both clumping and running types), excellent pictures, and lots of great links to more information.

Local Buzz

The Coming of Kenaf
An annual cousin of okra called kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus) is being grown on several North Carolina farms that used to grow tobacco, and in research plots across the region. Kenaf is a primarily a fiber crop, used to make paper. Plus, the inside of the stem contains a spongy absorbent material that makes good cat litter or stable bedding for horses. Kenaf can grow to 14 feet tall in a season. Eventually, southern-grown kenaf may replace trees as a source of fiber for paper.

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