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August, 2001
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Ladybug Repellent
From the August, 2001 issue of Agricultural Research Magazine comes a report about a new, non-toxic ladybug repellent. Asian ladybugs are generally considered good guys to have in the garden, but they like to hibernate in homes during the winter. Gardener's don't like killing ladybugs, but also don't want them staining curtains and walls.

Research has shown that camphor and menthol vapors irritate Asian lady beetles' chemosensory organs. By adding these oils to overwintering sites, scientists are forcing the beetles to go elsewhere. It may be worth a try this fall in your house.

Web Finds

Chicagoland Gardening Site
Chicagoland Gardening magazine's Web site a great resource for Midwestern gardens. It contains information about home vegetable, fruit, and flower gardening as well as information about what's going on in the Midwest. The magazine is specifically concerned with Midwestern soils, climate, and issues.

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