Northern & Central Midwest

June, 2001
Regional Report

Shows & Events

Summer Salsa Festival
Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois, is hosting its annual Salsa Festival on August 4 and 5. The Salsa Festival will feature a mariachi band, marketplace, tours, and family activities including a "hot pepper challenge." You can also see cooking demonstrations of spicy cuisine, and visit the garden's salsa bed.

For more information call (847) 835-5440.


Roasted Vegetables
Roasting is a delicious way to savor whatever garden vegetables are at their peak of ripeness. It's simple and easy to whip up a quick summer meal by visiting the garden, picking the vegetables, and roasting them. You can alter the flavor by adding herbs, such as rosemary and basil, to taste.


Beets - roast in skins about an hour (cover these with foil); rub skins off when done

Potatoes - cut small potatoes in half; roast 30 minutes; turn over halfway through

Summer squash - slice small squash in half; roast 20 minutes

Onions - quarter; roast 20-30 minutes

Asparagus - roast 10 minutes or until tender

Tomatoes - roast whole about 30 minutes


Trim vegetables as needed and set oven to 375oF. Coat a jelly roll pan with high quality olive oil. Baste vegetables with additional oil. Roast vegetables according to the durations above, shaking the pan occasionally during roasting. Remove from oven and salt to taste while hot.

Serve at room temperature.

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