Pacific Northwest

July, 2014
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Fall and Winter Vegetable Gardening in the Pacific Northwest
The cool days of autumn may still seem a long way off, but it's not too soon to start thinking about planting for fall and winter harvest. Many late-season crops need to be started while summer is still in full swing in order to have time to mature before cool weather and short days slow growth. Fall and Winter Vegetable Gardening in the Pacific Northwest, from Oregon State University, Washington State University, and the University of Idaho, sets out all you need to know to have a thriving late-season garden, including information on scheduling, recommended varieties, and season extenders.

Favorite or New Plant

'Stella de Oro' Daylily
Not only does 'Stella de Oro' flower in flushes all season long, but its mound of arching, grass-like foliage makes a nice backdrop for smaller annuals and perennials throughout the growing season. It is also one of the most dependable varieties for our region. 'Stella de Oro' will tolerate a wide range of soils, from clay to sand, but it grows best in fertile, compost-enriched soil that drains well but still holds some moisture. Although daylilies will grow in some shade, you will get more flowers from plants that receive full sun for at least half the day. Repeat bloomers like 'Stella' will perform the best if divided every few years.

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