Middle South

April, 2014
Regional Report

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Keep Canada Geese Away
If Canada geese are a nuisance in your landscape or in nearby parks, there are humane steps you can take to deter them. Grassy areas near open water are the most attractive landscapes to geese, and young grass shoots are one of their favorite foods. Techniques to discourage geese include replacing large expanses of grass with other ground covers, allowing grass to grow to 6 inches in height before mowing, and reducing sight lines by adding trees and shrubs so geese can't see open water. Learn how to Keep Geese Away by Changing the Habitat from the Humane Society of the United States.

Clever Gardening Technique

Use Scissors to Thin Seedlings
Thinning is important because seedlings need adequate room to develop. Overcrowded seedlings turn into weak plants. So even though it's hard to sacrifice some baby plants, spacing out seedlings is important. Thin by snipping out extra seedlings at soil level with a small pair of scissors. Pulling out the extras can disrupt the roots of the seedlings left behind.

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