Upper South

April, 2014
Regional Report

Web Finds

Safe Lawns
The Safe Lawns Foundation is a nonprofit organization with a mission to educate people about the benefits of organic lawn care and gardening, and to show homeowners that a nice lawn is possible without the toxic and wasteful side effects of chemical treatments. The site features a series of videos that provide a visual guide to safe lawn care through the seasons.


If you are smitten by dahlias and want to know more about growing, propagating, and designing with these dramatic flowers, look for The Plant Lover's Guide to Dahlias by Andy Vernon (Timber Press, 2014). Scheduled for publication toward the end of this month, this volume is part of Timber Press' Plant Lover's Guide series on important ornamental plant groups, written for plant-driven gardeners by recognized experts in the field. It contains profiles for over 200 varieties, organized by color, with information on type, height, and spread, with numerous color photos to enhance the text.

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