Middle South

February, 2014
Regional Report

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Basic Principles of Pruning Woody Plants
University of Georgia Cooperative Extension's Basic Principles of Pruning Woody Plants explains the why's behind pruning techniques. Understanding how plants respond to different types of pruning will help you determine how and when to prune your trees and shrubs. Filled with simple diagrams to illustrate the concepts, this Web page will give you the confidence to break out the pruners.

Clever Gardening Technique

Aerate Lawns Annually
Lawns growing on compacted soil often struggle. If your lawn gets lots of foot traffic or you have clay soil, it will likely benefit from regular aeration. Although often best done in fall, if you didn't get to it then spring is the next best time. Wait until grass is up and growing -- cool-season grasses get going earlier than warm-season types. Use a lawn aerator that pulls out plugs of soil rather than using spikes. The holes allow nutrients and water to better penetrate to the grass roots, and the plugs left on the surface will quickly decompose. If soil is dry, water the lawn thoroughly the day before aerating. Spread a thin layer of compost over the lawn after aerating to provide slow-release nutrients.

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