New England

November, 2013
Regional Report

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Umass Extension Weed Herbarium
Want to see pictures and get information to help you identify weeds in our region? The UMass Extension Weed Herbarium lists 311 weeds common to our region, along with a description of the parts of each plant, information on its life cycle and multiple images. There are currently over 2300 images in the herbarium!

Favorite or New Plant

Oak Leaf Hydrangea
All hydrangeas have eye-catching flowers, and this shade tolerant choice is no exception. Large, creamy white, pyramidal flower clusters light up the garden in summer, turning a bronzy-pink as they age. But oak-leaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) adds to the show in the fall when its large, lobed leaves turn to shades of burgundy and purple. Once the leaves drop, shaggy cinnamon-colored bark is revealed. The dwarf cultivar 'Pee Wee' gets about four feet tall and wide. If you have room, 10-12 foot tall 'Alice' adds a dramatic accent. Widely available Snow Queen (H.q. 'Flemygea') bears large, erect flower clusters on a plant that gets 4-5 feet tall and 5-8 feet wide. Although oak leaf hydrangea can take full sun in our region, placing it in a shaded or partially shaded spot will deter Japanese beetles from feeding on its leaves. It blooms on old wood, so do any pruning before the end of July to avoid interfering with the next season's flowers.

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