Coastal and Tropical South

October, 2013
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

This rugged member of the broccoli family doesn't get enough attention, but it's ideal for our winter gardens. Enjoy kohlrabi steamed or eaten raw like apple or turnip. Plant a few seeds, thin to a foot apart, and watch the stem swell to form the object of edible delight just above the soil surface.

Clever Gardening Technique

Make a Moss Basket
Got an old wire basket sitting around going rusty? Soak a bale of sphagnum peat moss in a bucket while you clean the basket with a wire brush and spray paint it. Begin wringing out fistfuls of moss into 1-inch-thick coils. Start at the bottom and press wet coils into the wire. Let dry, then fill and plant.

Our Mission in Action

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