July, 2013
Regional Report

Web Finds

Jefferson's Gardens at Monticello
Visit Jefferson's Gardens at Monticello and tour the grounds of Monticello, explore the vegetable and flower and rose gardens, find out about the different historic plants Jefferson grew (we can grow many of them today), and enjoy the special nearby collections such as the dianthus garden. If you are thinking of growing some heirloom plants you will find the individual plant descriptions and photos helpful and gain plenty of inspiration here.

Tool or Gardening Product

V-Shaped Blade Garden Hoe
There are two hoes with V-shaped blades designed for weeding. Both have their places. The Warren hoe with a triangular blade, 4 3/4" x 6 5/8", seems to be standard for cultivating and weeding a vegetable garden. It is also useful for scraping off and digging out weeds in shrub beds and to spread mulch. Its long handle reaches conveniently under and around rhodies, boxwoods and azaleas. Goserud makes a hoe with a smaller V-shaped blade (3") that works well for tight, pin-point weeding around perennials, annuals, some vegetables, and trees.

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