May, 2013
Regional Report

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Mulches for the Home Vegetable Garden
Mulches for the Home Vegetable Garden is a fact-packed article on mulches that's a must-read for home gardeners, whether you are mulching a vegetable garden or a flower bed or a shrub bed. It will help you understand the importance of mulch and its functions, evaluate the different mulch materials, and select the most appropriate from those that are most easily available to you. It also includes a useful section on cover crops and green manures.

Favorite or New Plant

Variegated Solomon Seal
One of spring's shade delights starts with plump, fragile, white and green stem tips pushing through the cool, damp, soil. If not accidentally tromped on, they unfurl into strapping leaves. Soon white bells drip from arching stems. Variegated solomon seal (Polygonatum odoratum 'Variegatum') tolerates dry soil and shade -- in spots where little else will grow. Be patient. Once variegated solomon seal gets established, you'll be sharing the rhizomes with grateful friends.

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