Southwestern Deserts

April, 2013
Regional Report

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Butterflies and Moths of North America
Butterflies and Moths offers a wide range of information and photos, including identification and taxonomy guides, volunteer opportunities for citizen scientists, and nifty Regional Species Checklists. Click on the U.S., your state, and county to generate a list of species found in your area. Each species names is linked to a detailed info page that includes photos.


Desert Landscaping Plants
Author Greg Starr knows desert plants. In addition to owning and operating his Tucson nursery, he scouts wild deserts in the Southwest U.S. and Mexico to find species that perform well in our arid landscapes. He collects seeds, propagates them, and grows the plants out for many years to test their suitability for the nursery trade and our yards. Starr is responsible for many popular plants in our desert palette, including 'Durango Delight' agave. In his book, Cool Plants for Hot Gardens, 200 Water-Smart Choices for the Southwest (Rio Nuevo Publishers, 2009, $24.95), Starr's plant descriptions include all the basics: size, flower color, flower season, exposure, water, growth rate, pruning, hardiness, natural elevation range, suitable Southwestern cities where the plant will thrive, as well as icons for butterfly plants, hummingbird plants, container plants, and plants for pool areas. Also, each plant has an extended description in which the author shares info gleaned over decades working with plants: field notes, description of special attributes, culture/maintenance, identification, landscape application, and precautions.

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