Lower South

February, 2013
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

'Lemon Lime' Dracaena
There are a number of great dracaenas to choose from for indoor plantings. I like the choices that go beyond solid green to provide added interest with some type of leaf variegation. 'Lemon Lime' provides bold streaks of dark green, white and a yellow/green down its strappy foliage that really stand out among the other green plants in a home. Other good cultivars for variegated foliage include 'Variegated Janet Craig', 'Ulises', and 'Warneckii'.

Clever Gardening Technique

Easy Way to Check Potting Soil Moisture
Overwatering is bad news for houseplants, but so is underwatering.There are handy moisture meters to check the moisture of potting soil to avoid overwatering your houseplants. Some gardeners get pretty skilled at digging down an inch or two and feeling the soil to determine moisture levels. A quick and easy way to check for moist soil is to sharpen a pencil and stick the freshly sharpened end a few inches deep into the growing medium. When you pull it out if there is some soil sticking to the pencil it is still moist. If not then it is probably time to water.

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