February, 2013
Regional Report


Join Susan Orlean on her adventure deep into the swamps and the culture of orchid obsession in The Orchid Thief (Ballantine Books, 2000, $15.00). Fascinated by the all-encompassing passion of orchid collectors, Orlean pulls readers with her into the day-to-day exploits of Floridian orchid hunter John Larouche. She also dazzles us with the complex, rich history of the world's fascination with orchids.

Clever Gardening Technique

Sort Seeds Now for a Head Start
Some veggie and flower seeds are best planted in the cool of early spring. Some benefit from a head start indoors under grow lights. Others prefer direct sowing in warm soil and summer heat to germinate. Now's a good time to sort through seed packets according to preferred planting time and technique. I use handy shoe boxes. Spring germinators in one box. Seeds to be sown in early summer -- beans, squash, zinnias -- in another.

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