Southwestern Deserts

January, 2013
Regional Report

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Beat Back Buffelgrass Day
Non-native invasive buffelgrass (Pennisetum ciliare) is harmfully changing the Sonoran desert's ecosystem by choking out native plants and creating wildfire hazards that destroy both natural and urban areas. Join volunteers in the Tucson area to control this scourge on January 26, 2013. Details can be found at The site also includes videos and articles that explain the issue. Note that if January 26 does not fit your schedule, the website contains a map with locations of many buffelgrass sites around the Tucson area with ongoing eradication efforts and opportunities for volunteers to sign up.

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Arizona Master Gardener Manual Planting Calendar
The Southwest's varied topography and climate create myriad growing conditions and planting seasons. What is ideal for one gardener may be problematic for another living just a few miles away. There is no substitute for experience and keeping a record of what occurs in your particular microclimate! As a general guideline, the Arizona Master Gardener Manual includes a Planting Calendar divided into six elevation zones ranging from 10 feet to over 6000 feet. Although based on Arizona's conditions, it works as a starting point for all Southwestern gardeners. If you live out of state, check with your County Cooperative Extension office. Many have planting calendars for their area.

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