Coastal and Tropical South

January, 2013
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

Flame of the Woods
Ixora coccinea glows in partly shady spaces with leaves and flowers so waxy they could be artificial. The flame of the woods is a small shrub that thrives alongside gardenias and other acid loving plants. Grow it in richly organic soil that drains well in garden beds or containers.

Tool or Gardening Product

Organic Garden Lime
When you get soil test results, you find out the pH of your soil and, if needed, get a recommendation for the amount of lime to add to bring the pH up to a suitable level for the plants you're growing. To raise the pH of acid soils, look for Espoma Organic Garden Lime. With no fillers, a clear label, and a pellet form to reduce dust, there is not a better lime available.

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