January, 2013
Regional Report


Are you curious about what's inside a seed? Or how a root pushes its way into the soil? Or which flower part is the stamen and which the pistil? Paul Young's The Botany Coloring Book (Harper Perennial, 1982) is a hands-on approach to learning many basics of botany. Adults as well as students will enjoy this multi-sensory approach of reading, identifying, and coloring plant parts.

Web Finds

The Seed Herbarium Image Project
The Seed Herbarium Image Project is a collection of digitized images of select seeds in Harvard's Arnold Arboretum Seed Herbarium. The site has seed images for many woody plant species. Search the database by typing the species name. Seed images for the following genera are available: Abies, Acacia, Acer, Actinidia, Albizia, Alnus, Amorpha, Andromeda, Aralia, Arctostaphylos, Aronia, Berberis, Betula, Broussonetia, Buddleia, Carpinus, Carya, Elliottia, Enkianthus, Erica, Fagus, Ilex, Rhododendron, Stewartia, Syringa, Tsuga, Zabelia.

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