Coastal and Tropical South

November, 2012
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

Red Spider Lily
This old fashioned perennial bulb, Lycoris radiata, is a fall favorite that marches across abandoned homesteads and well kept landscapes. It blooms in coral red on bare stems and then sprouts small clumps of dark green, strappy leaves. The standard advice is to wait until the foliage dies back in spring before digging and dividing or moving the clumps. But you can wait until they have finished flowering and divide or move the clumps anytime through the winter. They are that tough.

Tool or Gardening Product

Whitney Farms Slug and Snail Killer
Slug bait containing ron phosphate can be very helpful in deterring slugs and snails from tender plants and is approved for use in organic gardens. Previously, granular slug bait products were enticing and toxic to birds and pets; these granules are neither. One such product containing iron phosphate is Whitney Farms Slug and Snail Killer, part of a line of organic gardening products now offered by Scott's Miracle-Gro Company. Whitney Farms planting soils, fertilizers, and pest control products made their name with quality, consistency, and effectiveness for organic gardeners on the West Coast and are now available in our area.

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