October, 2012
Regional Report

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Common Weeds of Northeastern United States
Wondering which weed is which? Common Weeds of Northeastern United States from the University of Vermont will help you identify the most common weeds in our region. It narrows the possibilities by including the bloom time. Check out the fall-bloomers now. Compare the picture with the plant. Hear the Latin name pronounced by clicking the wave file.

Clever Gardening Technique

Small Spray Bottle Containing Alcohol
Disinfecting pruner and saw blades is so important, yet so easily overlooked. Blades can carry disease-causing bacteria and fungi from one plant to the next. When I prune back perennials or clip shrub or tree branches, I carry a rag and a pocket-sized spray bottle filled with alcohol. Thismakes it easy to remember to spray cutting blades with disinfectant and wipe them clean between plants.

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