Coastal and Tropical South

September, 2012
Regional Report

Web Finds

The Coast Gardener on Facebook
It seems like everyone is on Facebook nowadays, including me and Dr. Gary Bachmann. He is The Coastal Gardener on Facebook and we both hope you will like his page. He lives and gardens on the MS Gulf Coast and has started this page to celebrate its ups and downs. He will be chronicling both and hoping for your likes and comments. Of course, I hope you are already in my GardenMama group, but if not, you are cordially invited. My only complaint is that I cannot control the political bent that some people insist we should all read, but everything else is welcome, particularly gardening comments and cat pictures. The best way to find us is to use the search feature at Facebook.

Favorite or New Plant

Flowering Pandanus
First introduced to me by the intriguing name of climbing screwpine, tropical Freycinetia cumingiana grows slowly to become a 20 foot wandering vine. It often has multiple, slender trunks and responds well to pruning that maintains a healthy 6 foot mature plant that needs some support. This pandanus bursts with orange bracts arranged in an orb that opens slowly to reveal a stunning red and pink cone. Strong light will bring on more flowers, but this plant keeps its leaf color and interesting draped form in relatively low light settings.

Our Mission in Action

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