Coastal and Tropical South

August, 2012
Regional Report


Tropical Plants
I want to share my happiness at the publication of my latest book, Gardener's Guide to Tropical Plants. Its subtitle is Cool Ways to Add Hot Colors, Bold Foliage, and Striking Textures. Whew, that is a mouthful but I did choose the plants for their impact in the garden and nationwide availability. From Cool Springs Press, an imprint of the Quayside Publishing Group, Minneapolis, MN, the book includes more than 130 plant profiles as well as my ideas for growing this wonderful group of plants in all zones. Look for it at a bookstore near you, or for autographed copies, visit my website,

Favorite or New Plant

Variegated Weeping Fig
Many a novice indoor gardener starts with a weeping fig, Ficus benjamina, and is disappointed when it's short lived, usually due to overwatering and too much direct sun. But properly cared for, these trees can live 20 years indoors. Give variegated weeping figs bright indirect light, even some direct sun if humidity is kept high,
and never let them sit in waterlogged soil.

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