August, 2012
Regional Report

Shows & Events

Urban Tree Care Webinar
Pennsylvania Community Forestry will host a webinar on the Diagnosis and Management of Insect & Mite Pests on Urban Trees on Tues., Aug. 14, noon to 1pm. Senior Penn State Extension Associate Greg Hoover (ornamental entomologist) will present. Discussion will include accurate diagnosis of symptoms and signs of some common insects and mites that attack woody ornamentals (shrubs and trees). To participate go to http://meeting. psu.edu/pacommunityforestry. Paste the link in your browser window. Login by registering as a guest (type your name.)

Clever Gardening Technique

Pop-Up Gardens
I'm going to stretch the meaning of clever gardening technique to include pop-up gardens. Pop-up gardens are seasonal, usually raised-bed, gardens in parks, on streets, rooftops, vacant lots, city squares. The concept is playing out in places as diverse as England, New Zealand, and Philadelphia. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's latest pop-up garden is on a vacant lot at 1905-15 Walnut Street in the Rittenhouse Square area of Philadelphia, PA. It's a temporary garden and gathering place, featuring a communal table that emphasizes the need for healthy food for everyone. Free and open to the public, this pop-up will be around till mid-October.

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