Lower South

July, 2012
Regional Report

Web Finds

Botanical Terms Made Fun
Okay, maybe I should issue a "plant nerd alert," but for most gardeners botany is a rather dry topic. Botanical terms can be tedious to understand and apply to our landscape plants or plant samples gathered from a walk in the woods. Plant Phytography makes it simple to find and understand the meaning of a multitude of botanical terms by using photographs of real plant parts as examples. It offers several ways to view the botanical terms and photos, as well as a helpful listing of Latin and Greek prefixes and suffixes and the Latin and Greek translation for English terms regarding plant structures. Note the dark pop-out glossary/index of plant terms on the right side of the web page. Not only does the site make botanical terminology interesting, but now you'll be able to wax eloquent about the difference between cordate, crenate, and cuneate at your next garden party!

Clever Gardening Technique

Build a Gardening Reference Book
Create your own personal gardening reference book by collecting a variety of articles, notes, and ideas in a three ring binder. Gather articles from newspapers, magazines, or online sources. Select fact sheets from your local Extension Service office or their online web resources. Keep notes and handouts you took at a local gardening lecture. Include weekly garden journal pages or notes about varieties, pest control experiences, and more. Over time your personal gardening notebook will become more and more valuable to you and as a resource for helping others in your area.

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