Lower South

July, 2012
Regional Report

Web Finds

Container Gardening Recipes
If you would like to build some beautiful combination containers but don't know where to start, the folks at Proven Winners have put together a web resource with 650 different combinations of flowering and foliage plants for hanging baskets and other types of containers. Proven Winners Container Recipes offers a searchable database so you can select combinations based on season, pot style, pot size, color scheme, and sun exposure. You can also browse through the 650 "recipe cards" to find out how many of each plant type are needed and to see a photo of the end results.

Favorite or New Plant

'Siam Aurora' Aglaonema
Aglaonema, sometimes referred to as Chinese evergreen, is a great houseplant for medium to low light areas. Most cultivars have various patterns of silvery white markings on green foliage. 'Siam Aurora' is a stunning exception bearing foliage that is green with yellow markings and unusual coral pink coloring on the petiole, central vein and leaf margin. It is attractive on its own or as a part of a combination planter.

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