Northern & Central Midwest

July, 2012
Regional Report


Evening Gardens
The Evening Garden: Flowers and Fragrance from Dusk till Dawn by Peter Loewer (Timber Press, 2010) is out of print, but available used through many booksellers. My copy is dogeared from years of simply opening it to remind me of the beauty of the night. Lower has a wonderful way with prose, and hidden in his poetic descriptions of evening and evening flowers, he includes quite an array of information that will help inspire and give you hard advice for planting this loveliest of gardens.

Favorite or New Plant

Black Velvet Nasturtium
I'm not looking to plant a Goth garden, but these nasturtiums have taken hold of my fancy. They are truly velvety black (or dark purple if you must be absolutely accurate), and are amazing in the garden or vase. Nasturtiums are the perfect flower for me because they thrive on neglect. They do best in poor soil, have no problem with drought, and want little fertilizing and pampering. These black ones have an intoxicating fragrance, and since they are edible, make a dramatic statement when sprinkled in a salad or used to dress up a slice of cheesecake drizzled with raspberry sauce.

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