Lower South

June, 2012
Regional Report

Tool or Gardening Product

MiteYFine Sprayer
Spraying upward from underneath the foliage will dislodge mites and aphids from plants, eliminating the need to spray pesticides for these two plant feeding pests. Most of the spray devices we gardeners have on hand put out a lot of water at a low to medium velocity and are difficult to maneuver underneath the plant foliage. The MiteYFine Sprayer is designed to deliver a fine mist of spray at a very high velocity, making it very effective in dislodging mites, aphids and other small pests, which tend to hide under the leaves or along tender new shoots. The long tube makes it easy to use without having to stoop to reach under foliage down low on a plant. I've tried several different water sprayers, as well as products designed to remove pests, and found the MiteYFine to be the most effective.

Clever Gardening Technique

Vacuum Up Pests
Looking for a no-spray way to control stink bugs, squash bugs, and a few other pests? Try a portable vacuum. A small shop vac or a home canister type vacuum with a shoulder strap and extension cord can become a great pest control device. If you catch stink bugs and leaf footed bugs when they are in their nymph stage, they lack wings to fly away and are especially easy to vacuum up. But a vacuum can work on adults too. I like to go out early in the morning while it is still cool and the pests are a little less likely to fly away. Your neighbors will think you've lost it, but give it a try anyway! Experiment with different attachments and tube lengths to find what works best on the pests you are after.

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