Coastal and Tropical South

June, 2012
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

Just about everybody can use a makeover at times, whether it is a new hair style, wardrobe, or cologne. The same is true of plants like cleome that are beloved by some and absolutely offensive to others. Usually it is the smell, messy seedpods, and inability to withstand heat that makes cleome less popular than it could be. Senorita Rosalita solves those problems and is a smaller plant that grows well in borders and containers. Appleblossom, though a larger cleome, has the perfect pink and white flowers to continue that color theme in my rose garden. It glows at dusk and hardly smells at all. In fact, since it grows in a bed near street side, its aroma is a pleasant distraction from automobile exhaust.

Tool or Gardening Product

Jet Nozzle
Dramm is known for its many fine water breakers and water wands, and I use them every day, but another of their products gets less press. The jet nozzle sprays a strong, focused, straight water stream and works well where water pressure is not its best. Made of durable brass, the jet nozzle is handy for cleaning gutters and driveways, but I like it for another purpose. When mulch washes up on to the walls around my messy courtyard and collects on the pots there, I use the jet nozzle to blast it off and clean the courtyard floor at the same time. It is handy, inexpensive, and made for a lifetime of use, unlike the plastic versions which do not deliver as much water and crack easily.

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