June, 2012
Regional Report

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Vote Now for the American Garden Award Flower
Help choose the winner of the 2012 American Garden Award for North America's most popular new flower. Six contestants are flaunting their showy petals in twenty-eight participating public gardens throughout the United States. Gardeners can vote by text message, postcard, or online. For more information, see the AGA website at www.americangardenaward.com. Garden visitors can view the entries in person, then vote, or check out the website. Contenders are Angelonia angustfolia 'Serena Blue', Begonia boliviensis 'Santa Cruz Sunset', Gazania 'Big Kiss White Flame', Petchoa x hybrida 'SuperCal Pink Ice', Petunia 'Surfinia Deep Red', Sunflower 'Goldie' F1. The American Garden Award program is administered by the All-America Selections' Display Garden program.

Tool or Gardening Product

Wall O' Water Plant Protector
This spring-into-summer's variable weather and cool soil prompted me to find my vintage (eight-year-old) Wall O' Waters for tomatoes and peppers. These plastic protectors (18 inches in diameter and tall) consist of circles of connected, vertical tubes that surround the plant. The tubes are filled with water that warms in the sun to provide a consistently warm environment for the new transplant.. Wall O' Water can give plants up to a six- to eight-week head start in spring and extend the growing season by up to one to two months. Protects down to 16 degrees Fahrenheit. Wall O' Water 3/Packs cost from $9.95 to $12.95 online.

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