Northern & Central Midwest

May, 2012
Regional Report

Web Finds

The Butterfly Site
The Butterfly Site is your one-stop website for all information pertaining to butterflies. It has lists of nectar plants and host plants by butterfly, and plenty of ideas for designing and laying out butterfly gardens that are specific to your area. It gives ideas on renovating and fixing up existing gardens, as well as information on how to raise butterflies to introduce into your garden if you choose. There is also excellent information on native butterflies and their behavior.

Favorite or New Plant

Sun Sugar Cherry Tomato
I have grown this tomato for years. It hands-down the best, sweetest cherry tomato I have ever eaten. The quarter sized fruits ripen to golden orange, hang in clusters, and are crack-resistant, a common problem with cherry tomatoes. They will sometimes crack right after several days of heavy rain, but if you know it's coming, you can pick them and avoid the problem. Sun Sugar is an indeterminate vine that will do best if grown on a trellis. I grow them on a bamboo teepee and have luscious fruits all summer.

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