Lower South

April, 2012
Regional Report

Web Finds

Parasitoid Wasps and Aphids
If you hate aphids you can't miss this fascinating video clip. If you are squeamish, wait to watch it until you've had a chance to enjoy and digest a recent meal. This National Geographic video on parasitoid wasps and aphids is an aphid horror movie. It provides a glimpse into one of the many ways that beneficial insects reduce pest populations in our gardens and landscapes.

Clever Gardening Technique

Trashy Trunk Technique
Our goal for a new fruit and landscape tree is to get them to grow as large and fast as we can during the first few years of their life. Rather than removing any branches growing along the trunk, just prune the tips of them to prevent them from getting too long. Then leave them until they are 1 inch in diameter at their base. These "nurse limbs" have leaves that will produce carbohydrates to support more root growth, thereby speeding the overall growth of the tree. By waiting to remove them until they are 1 inch in size the pruning wound will be small and heal over very quickly.

Our Mission in Action

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